A Practical Guide to Beard

How to style and take care of your beard and mustache

A Practical Guide to Beard

A small illustrated manual to learn how to choose, cut and maintain your beard according to the shape of your face. An indispensable guide for any self-respecting bearded gentleman!

Whether chosen by comfort or to appear more mature or for aesthetic reasons, the beard remains for a man a way of affirming his style. However, in the business world where a close-shaven face has for a long time been the norm, the return of the beard fashion is accompanied by a condition: it has to be clean and well maintained.

You will find in this practical guide all the tips for:

- choosing a beard in keeping with your look and personality,

- trimming your beard by following a detailed technique step by step,

- taking care of your beard and your skin using tools and adapted care,

- Choosing, cutting and maintaining your mustache,

- Discovering the ritual of the old-fashioned shaving practiced by the barbers,

- Avoiding the beard daily life hassles.

Jean Artignan created the Website “Barbe Chic” two years ago. He gives advice on how to cut and maintain your beard, and proposes an online store of barber products (razors, etc.) and men's care.

96 pages | 15 x 21 cm

Rights sold in Russian, German, Italian, Czech and Spanish.

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