Kilometre Zero

Kilometre Zero

Maëlle, the financial director of a rapidly expanding start-up, copes with the frantic pace of her daily life without batting an eyelid. Her life is work, luxury and the gym. And her hobbies… what hobbies? There is no room for that in her highly organized life until one day, her best friend, Romane, asks her a huge favour. It’s a matter of life or death.

Maëlle is a bit dubious but agrees somewhat unenthusiastically to do it. But something is bothering her: how far will she go to save her friend? Will she throw herself into the unknown? The answer is yes. Before she has time to change her mind, she travels out to Nepal, where the ascent of Annapurna will be a real revelation to her.

Through some amazing experiences full of hidden meaning, she gradually surrenders control and allows the universe to speak to her, allowing her to discover herself and find the path of courage, balance and true happiness.

Maud Ankaoua is an enthusiast of human relations. This is her first novel, rich in teachings and filled with hope. It will forever change your understanding of the other and remind you of the essence of your life.

More than 20.000 copies sold in 6 months!

Rights sold in Arabic, Chinese complexe characters, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French Canadian, Greek, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Turkish.

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