Our Adventures Without A Fridge

Our Adventures Without A Fridge

99.6% of Western countries’ population have got this kind of huge stuff in their kitchens.But this stocking king is not irreplaceable…This is what Marie Cochard humorously proves with her incredible discoveries in natural conservation: unplugging your fridge is far from being a completely frosted idea!

A food revolution is on its path! You know today that buying more local food, eating less, reducing meat is much better for your health and for the planet. By the way, do you still need a fridge?

Do you know that carrots can be preserved in sand? that cork maximizes the life of an apple? You’ll find here dozens of tips, tricks and recipes from forgotten traditions or other cultures to find out how to stop using your fridge as a closet. If you do not pass it completely, you can opt for a minus version, use it wisely and rediscover the real flavors of your food!

Marie Cochard is a journalist and the author of Les Epluchures, sold over 12,000 copies. She is above all led by a concern for the human well-being and a fierce determination to preserve the resources of the planet.

Rights sold in Italian and German.

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