Who, me ? (version anglaise du g53390) family business succession

Family Business Succession - A Practical Guide for the Next Generation

D.Kenyon-Rouvinez, Gabs, T.Lombard- Who, me ? (version anglaise du g53390) family business succession

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8 septembre 2005

Since man started trading, the passing on of family businesses to the next generation has given the world a large number of success stories. To this day, the family business continues to play a uniquely important economic role. But at the personal level, taking over a family firm brings difficulties that can only really be understood by those directly involved. What an unbelievable opportunity, to "automatically" be the next in line. But at the same time, what a responsibility, what a burden, what pressure, and what constraints.
Thierry Lombard

A helping hand for the young generations

Reassuring them that others share their concerns, and that though there may be pitfalls, there are many ways of making the succession both pleasant and effective.

A window for parents

Helping them to see and understand the world of the family business through the eyes of their successors.

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